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Watermelon Mint Slush

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Summer is officially here and that calls for Frozen Watermelon Mint Slush!!

I`ve mentioned before that summer is my favorite season so the official start to summer is something we get pretty excited about around here. Back when we lived in Florida we were lucky enough to have summer weather almost year round. Up here in the Pacific Northwest though, we get to experience more of a seasonal change! And while we`ve definitely had a few HOT spring days in the past few weeks we are thrilled that the toasty months of July and August are right around the corner! We have so much fun at the local splash pad, playing with squirt guns and at local beaches but these past two weeks or so have been a bit too chilly for any water play. But the chillier weather didn`t stop us from whipping up some tasty frozen drinks to welcome the new season!!

Disclaimer  these are 100% kid friendly to spite being in martini glasses! My kids love fancy drinks in fancy glasses and this time I decided to oblige them. Hehe

This Watermelon Mint Slush is so easy to make and healthy to boot! My kids LOVED it (well 2/3 of them LOVED it, 1/3 LIKED it because the slush was a bit too minty for her). I enjoyed it as well. So refreshing and with no added sugar it`s healthy to boot, a perfect summer treat! In fact, I may even try and make a not so kid friendly version in the future! I`m seeing a perfect 4th of July cocktail! But for now here`s how to make this Slush!

I always try and keep some frozen fruits in my freezer for smoothies or baking. Sometimes I buy fruit specifically to freeze but lots of times when it`s starting to look like we won`t eat all of some type of fruit before it spoils I just toss it in the freezer for later use. In this recipe I use frozen banana and frozen watermelon. You could use fresh fruits as well and add ice, but it won`t give it the same creamy, smooth texture. I suggest popping some fruit in the freezer a few hours or days before trying this!

Add the frozen banana, frozen watermelon, fresh watermelon, mint and lime into a blender and process until smooth. Pour into a glass (fancy glass encouraged but not required) and enjoy!


Yield: 2 Slushes

1 Frozen Banana

1.5 cups Frozen Watermelon

1 cup Fresh Watermelon

5 large Mint Leaves

Juice from 1 Lime


Add all ingredients to a blender and process until smooth

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