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Proof ‘n’ Pudding

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After a bad bourbon experience, it is difficult to put faith in ones blind choices. “But the last one looked good” I told myself. “Should I just get something I know and like?” No. Go forward, young man. So forward I went, and encountered this splendid bourbon.

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Hirsch Select is everything that my Basil Hayden’s; namely, drink-ability Hirsch is not loaded with strong rye tones, but uses them subtly. This bourbon is not over-powered by any one particular flavor. It doesn’t get everything right, but it is a good, solid bourbon.

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I highly recommend this on ice; straight up is just too much to handle. As the ice melts, the bourbon is slightly diluted, and it stretches the bourbon in interesting ways. There are complex flavors abound, but none of them are entirely discernible. A whiff of coffee, a slight sweetness and a ping of rye are all to be found, but not consistently. There is a strong bite on the end, and it makes pacing very easy. It is a good bourbon for rocks, but at $30, it is not a great value. Still, it is better than almost any $25 whiskey out there, but at $30, the competition is stiff.

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